Weekly Mini Album | Week 2

Hi All!!

Remember last Sunday when I showed you the title page for my mini album? Well, I have the next week’s spread for you!

My thought process is, I will put all of my photos that I have taken over the week into the book. However, that isn’t always going to happen . . . I took a few extra pics this week! LOL!! You can see that I added a 3×4 flip flap to one of the photo spots!

I captioned the photos in Photoshop using the Umbrella font.

On the 2nd page, I wanted to use a 4×6 photo of the Gorge that I took, and had another picture of the “snowstorm” that we got, and needed journaling too, so those all went on the same page.

I had fun this week, and my family had fun this week, so that means it was a good week!

I hope your week has been great, and that next week is just as good or better!

Until tomorrow!

~ Michelle

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