Scrap Your Stash : Christmas Morning

So, Saturdays are going to be Scrap Your Stash. Those fun things that you have had in your stash for more than 6 months . . . they may not be new and exciting . . . but you bought them for a reason! So, I invite you to join me, and use your stash up!!

So, I found this sketch on pinterest, and tracked it down to the exact location, and they even have a PDF download!!

I made sure to snap a photo of everyone that was opening presents on Christmas morning, and some of them are blurry and not so great, but, that’s ok!!

Now, the two different 4×6 spots aren’t glued down because I am going to be putting them into flip flaps when I put them in the page protector. I will be adding journaling to the page under those flip flaps.

This was fairly simple to put together, once I figured out what paper combinations that I wanted! I used both Yuletide Carol and Snowhaven paper packs. I used Watermelon and Umbrella fonts for my title, and used Photoshop to create the ‘shadow’ for it. Audrey helped me pick the papers for the words, and she is excited about this layout!

So, a couple of notes for you. . . . Kids LOVE to see photos of themselves. (at what point does that change, do you know? I remember being excited when I was young, to see pictures of me!) So, get the photos in front of them! Be it scrapbook pages, photo books, or even the digital photo frames!!

Now, the second note . . . you know that pretty paper that you got because it was just awesome! You know where it’s stashed, right? In the third box from the bottom of the cupboard, with some other papers that you loved when you bought them too, right? When was the last time you laid eyes on that paper? Not any time recently, huh? So, how about this for a mind blowing thought . . . if you put that paper onto a project, then you can share that paper with A. Yourself, B. Your family, and C. Your friends!! That means that EVERYONE can enjoy that paper that you loved when you bought it! (and let’s go Velveteen Rabbit here . . . all the paper wants to be loved!) So, I challenge you, in the next week, to pull out at least ONE of your “I can’t use this paper because it’s too pretty” paper, and create something with it. Scrapbook page, card, home decor item, a box, anything that brings you joy!!

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you enjoyed my page! I can’t wait to see what you have done with your stash!!

Until Tomorrow!

~ Michelle

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