Holy February, Batman!!

Is it just me, or is this year already flying by faster than expected?  Not just me?  Ok, good!

Since we need to catch up on some time, let’s hit some important topics, shall we??  First!  There was a new mini book that went live on January 1!  Have you seen it just yet?  It is so so so fun!!  You can see all the things on the website, you can download the PDF here, and if you want to look at it Magazine style, online, you can head to this page and just click on either the core book or the newest mini book!

Storybrook fb image

The artwork that CTMH is going to share this month is going to focus on Storybrook.  It’s a super cute fantasy Princess and dragons theme!  So so so cute!  I think I will name him Norbert!  (can YOU figure out who Norbert is?  Leave me a comment below, and tell me who you think I’m talking about!)

One of the great things that CTMH did with this paper pack, is that the opposite sides, are opposing themes!  So, one side is more ‘boy’ themed, and one side is more ‘girl’ themed!  So this one packet works wonderfully for boys or girls, and you can even mix the colors perfectly back and forth!


I will be hosting some live videos weekly!  I hope you will join me!  It’s going to be Three on Thursday!  We will make three cards each Thursday!  I am even going to be starting tomorrow, February 2nd!  You will be able to find me Right Here!


I don’t want to overwhelm you in one post, so I will see you tomorrow (Thursday) on the Live!  (you will also be able to watch the replay, if you miss us!)


Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to guess who Norbert is in the comments!

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