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Welcome to another challenge from H2H Challenge blog! This is the last challenge of the month, and next week/month, you will be seeing new products available with CTMH, and I can’t wait to show you! This week is all about “From me to you” . . . which screams gift giving, right?

So, for this, I thought it would be perfect to create a card box to gift a set of cards to someone. I decided to go with the True Love Paper Packet, as I do love the colors in it! One of the ladies that I watch on Youtube quite frequently, is Sam Pootles, and she has a knack for making boxes. So, she was the first place I went! She has MANY boxes (many!) along with the tutorials for them. I found a couple of boxes for some smaller cards, but I wanted to make something to fit standard A2 sized cards (that means 4 1/4 x 5 1/2). So, I used her plan, figured out what sizes I needed, cut a test one, made some adjustments, and then came up with this fantastic little box!

This box holds 5 cards and envelopes perfectly. It is just one inch deep, so it wouldn’t hold a ton of cards, but you could easily make it deeper to hold more, should you want.

I did use a magnet to hold the box closed (since we no longer have our hook and loop dots!), and I couldn’t be more happy with it! I tied some white ribbon around the front flap, and it was just what it needed! I could add a sentiment onto the front of this box as well, however, I think it is just perfect like it is!

I do have the front, back, top, and insides covered with B&T paper, however chose to leave the side edges and inside top without the extra paper. Doing it that way allowed for the cardstock of the box to show through a bit more, which I really liked.

I hope you like the box, and the cards that I have inside! Let me know what you think!

Would you like to make one for yourself? I did a FB live Sunday video on how to do it! You could go and take a look, and make your own box!

Thanks for stopping by! Why don’t you come join us over at H2H with one of the weekly challenges? They are great fun, and give great inspiration!

All items used are CTMH unless otherwise noted.

True Love Paper Packet
Ballerina Cardstock
White Ribbon
Liquid Glass
Paper Trimmer
Corner Rounder
Micro tip Scissors
Bone Folder

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