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Crafting Bee

It is time for the Crafters to re-unite!

We WILL come together again!

With many things there is change, as is so with this!  What is now Crafting Bee, was once known as a Crop.

In the ‘olden days’, ladies got together for Quilting Bees.  So, we are going to bring that back to life, in a way, with our Crafting Bees!

I can’t wait to see you all again!  Old friends and new friends alike!

I know many of us have been working on many ‘different things!  I would love for everyone to bring 2 or 3 projects that they would like to ‘share with the class’, things that helped to keep you a bit sane during the pandemic!  (there might even ‘bee’ a small prize for those that do!)

Crafting Bee April time

12 pm to 8pm

  • Dinner Included
  • 6 feet of table space
  • Time with the ladies
  • Always a fun table treat!

**All Crafters Northwest Events require that participants have their vaccines and boosters up to date.  Thank you for your understanding!**

It will be so good to see you all!


5 things to know about going to a crop

So, you are going to a crop . . . what do you bring? How much to pack? Do you need everything from your craft room? It can be overwhelming if you haven’t been to one before, or if you are going to one that is new to you. So, let me give you a few tips!

1. Have Fun! The point of crops is to be working on your own projects alongside other creative people. This means that you will be able to get input from others, bounce ideas off of, or even ‘how do I do this?’ type conversations. You will learn a lot, and gain new friends! This also means that you might not get a TON of stuff done. Or, maybe you are one of those people that are able to get a LOOOOOOOOT of stuff done! (I personally don’t generally fall into that last option! hahaha!!)

2. Bring at least two projects to work on. Just like at home, you may have the best of intentions to work on this one specific project, only to get there and ‘not feel like it’. So, bring another project to work on as well. They don’t have to be big projects, but having something different generally helps! So, if your main focus is a scrapbook, maybe bring a set of cards to work on as well. This helps your brain to switch gears and not be overwhelmed.

3. Pack smartly! Your table size will vary upon location and event. If you only have half a table to work on, you want to make sure that you will still have space to craft on, after you unpack your supplies! You likely won’t need your die cutting machine, every one of your ink pads, every one of your stamp sets, or ‘all the things’. Pack what you will need for your projects that you are bringing. I know I said two up above, but it’s ok to bring more than that! Just try to limit to 5 or fewer, otherwise you will be bringing all the things!

4. Perfect for introverts! You might be thinking that I’m crazy! That crops, a gathering of people, is perfect for introverts? Hear me out. The people that are attending a crop are all creative people, right? Most of them will be paper crafters. So, if we go with that assumption (all paper crafters), that means that you will have something in common with every one of the people there. You won’t have to use extra mental energy to try to come up with conversation with others. This is one of my favorite things about crops!

5. What should you bring? This will vary for every person and every event. But, you should have your basic tool kit. If you don’t know what that is, I did a post about that here. Then your projects. So, for example, if you are working on a Workshop your way kit, you will want everything in the kit (all in one bag) plus the inks, stamp, blocks, and photos for those pages. And remember, if you forget something, the likelyhood that someone else there has that item, or something that would work in place of it, is really pretty high!

So, that all being said, check out Danielle’s post about what to bring to a crop! Her post is more item focused as opposed to mine being more ‘what to expect when cropping’!

Thanks for stopping by! Share in a comment below, what you love to take to crops!