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Crafting Bee

It is time for the Crafters to re-unite!

We WILL come together again!

With many things there is change, as is so with this!  What is now Crafting Bee, was once known as a Crop.

In the ‘olden days’, ladies got together for Quilting Bees.  So, we are going to bring that back to life, in a way, with our Crafting Bees!

I can’t wait to see you all again!  Old friends and new friends alike!

I know many of us have been working on many ‘different things!  I would love for everyone to bring 2 or 3 projects that they would like to ‘share with the class’, things that helped to keep you a bit sane during the pandemic!  (there might even ‘bee’ a small prize for those that do!)

Crafting Bee April time

12 pm to 8pm

  • Dinner Included
  • 6 feet of table space
  • Time with the ladies
  • Always a fun table treat!

**All Crafters Northwest Events require that participants have their vaccines and boosters up to date.  Thank you for your understanding!**

It will be so good to see you all!