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What is a Basic Tool Kit?

Have you ever seen a class or event listing that says “bring your basic tool kit”? And think to yourself, but what does that mean?? I know I have! So, I thought I would share with you what MY definition of a ‘basic tool kit’ is.

So, it kind of looks like a lot of stuff, but that’s just because it’s all laid out pretty, just for you guys! I know I like to see things, and not just a list sometimes. So, let’s go over what we see in the photo, shall we?

First, a paper trimmer and refill blades. Now, there are ALL sorts of paper trimmers out there. This is the one that I am currently using. I really do like it! Fiskars is a really great brand, that stand behind their product! Can you paper craft without a paper trimmer? Of course you can, this just makes the job so very much easier!

Right next to the paper trimmer, you see a number of different adhesives. Glue dots (two sizes, regular and micro are what I use the most often!), Liquid Glass (with the fine tip applicator, a tape runner, and foam tape. These are all great for different reasons, and I use them all often! At the end of that column, you will see an anti static pouch. Yes, that is kind of the opposite of ‘sticky’, and let me tell you why it’s here! When you are using the compliment stickers, you may want to pop one up. If you don’t make it not sticky, when you put it into your page protector, and then into your book (assuming a scrapbook layout in this example), when there is pressure, the parts that don’t have foam tape on them specifically, may stick to your project, giving it an odd dimension. If you use the anti static pouch on the back side of the sticker first, then it will pop up quite nicely, and you won’t have to worry about it sticking where you don’t want it to!

Next up we have blocks. I have a small variety of sizes shown. The top/left three of those shown are in the block starter kit. This kit is a fantastic place to start! You have most of your bases covered with those three blocks. I have added an additional two blocks, as they are perfect for sentiments and tiny stamps. All of the block sizes shown here are: 3×3, 2×2, 2×3 1/2, 1×3 1/2, 1×1.

Continuing on, we have scissors, of course! I show two pairs here, however, you don’t need to have two. Both of these are micro-tip scissors, which make them great for fussy cutting out images from the B&T paper or stamped images. The grey pair (in this photo) are non stick as well. Which means that I can cut the foam tape with these, and not have to worry about them getting sticky! My blue pair (they are sold in grey now) are 10 years old, and I have never had to have them sharpened or replaced! While I don’t craft every day, I can say that I average at least one day per week during that whole time, and probably even more frequently than that! These are nice, quality scissors!

Directly below the scissors we have some washi tape and post it notes. I tell my ladies to have their “Ugly Washi” in their kits, as we use it on the back sides of projects for various reasons! It doesn’t have to be ugly, but if you buy a pack, and have one roll that you KNOW you will never use on a project, this is the perfect use for it! We will use it to tape ribbons on the back sides of layouts and cards, tape small pieces together to make them easier to glue on as a whole, and a few other reasons too! It just comes in handy! The post it notes are used for masking our projects and making notes as well. Maybe you want to use a specific photo on a layout, or you can’t remember what size photos you want to put onto the layout. Post it notes are perfect for this!

Moving to the last ‘group’ of items. Most of these will be pretty self explanatory, but I do still want to list them for you. We have an embossing tool, a piercing tool, a pencil, journaling pen, ruler, and a bone folder. I think most of those are pretty clear, right? The embossing tool for scoring card bases, and even making fun designs on things, the piercing tool is great for piercing (go figure!) and also picking up the already sticky embellishments to put them onto your projects. The pencil, pen, and ruler speak for themselves, I do believe! And the bone folder is great for burnishing the card bases, and smoothing out the liquid glass, to give a great finish to your project!

The last two items in this photo are a Rub & Remove eraser and a needle threader (ok, well, two of those . . . that’s how they come!) The eraser is great for getting stray adhesive off of your projects or your tools. And the needle threader? Well, that comes in super handy for the twine that you are trying to get through holes of paper or buttons! This super inexpensive little tool has come in SO handy, you will for SURE want to add it to your basic tool kit!

The other thing that I will usually bring, but didn’t get into the photo, is my VersaMat. This is a self healing, gridded cutting mat on one side, and a soft stamping surface on the other side.

Now, hopefully I didn’t get TOO wordy for you today! At least I had a picture as well, right?? Do you have something in your basic tool kit that I don’t have in mine? Do I have something that you hadn’t thought to have in yours? I would love to hear about those items! Do share!! (I know my friend Eileen has dental floss in hers, to get her paper up after she has glued it down, if she placed it wrong, or forgot a layer that should have gone down first)

Want more inspo? Check out my friend, Danielle’s blog post! She has a few different things than I do!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Let me know what you think of my list!

See you tomorrow!!