Do you have a Green Thumb?

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Today’s challenge over at the Heart 2 Heart Challenge Blog is “Green Thumb”. I LOVE this! Each week there is a fun new challenge, that you can do ANYTHING with!

So, Green Thumb, obviously is going to be something green, and what would be more green than a bunch of (faux) plants? LOL!! I’ve got a 50% green thumb (and 50% black thumb…. soooo…). For the front of the card, I used the Born to Bloom stamp and Thin Cut set. According to the all-mighty google, this is the Monstera plant. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve now learned something new!) I used the Jade Green Tri Blend marker to color the plant and the Ice Blue Blend for the pot. I created the shadow underneath it with the Ice Grey blend and the colorless blender!

I used the label stamp (with Glacier Ink) and thin cut from the Joyful Sunflower set. I also used the sentiment from that set, stamped in Archival Black Ink.

I had seen a video that showed how to do this, and when I put it together, it didn’t quite match up, so I had to fudge a few things to make it work (otherwise I would share that video with you!) But, the overall look turned out GREAT!!

The papers that I used are the Wood Grain from Timber, White Daisy Cardstock, and Peacock Cardstock.

When you open up the card, you have two different little planter boxes! It is SUPER fun!!

I used the Monstera plant, the Calla lily, and the other plant (couldn’t figure that one out) on the inside of the card, and added the Citrus Blend Tri Blend Marker, Light Green Blend, and the Dull Green Blend markers to the mix.

I really liked how this card turned out! Tell me what YOU think! Then, make a project that shows YOUR green thumb, and play along at Heart 2 Heart Challenges!

CTMH Items used:
Born to Bloom stamp and Thin Cut set
Joyful Sunflower
Glacier Ink
Archival Black Ink
Jade Green Tri Blend Marker
Ice Blue Blend Tri Blend Marker
Ice Grey Blend Tri Blend Marker
Citrus Blend Tri Blend Marker
Light Green Blend
Dull Green Blend
Colorless Blender Tri Blend Marker
Timber Paper Packet
White Daisy Cardstock
Peacock Cardstock

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6 thoughts on “Do you have a Green Thumb?”

  1. Maria Adler says:

    Love this such a fun design. I do love Th is stamp too. Need to figure out how you did this.

    1. Michelle says:

      I will see if I can figure out the right measurements, and show you guys!

  2. Eileen Wetzel says:

    Adorable card. I didn’t get that stamp set, of course. I love these pop up style cards! Maybe when we next meet, we can do a pop up class?!

    1. Michelle says:

      I think that is a GREAT idea!!

  3. This is so cute! Love the little planters inside. Sometimes I really do miss CTMH and all of the fellowship! I love popup cards and this one is really different.

    1. Michelle says:

      Thanks! The planter turned out fun! Miss seeing you around, too!

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