Thinking of You Gifts

Sunday’s live video was all about giving some yummy treats to someone, just because. We decorated a mug and added some yummy cookie bars and come coffee packs, just because.

These little gifts were super fast to make. You will spend more time waiting for the cookie bars to bake than anything else! (and even that isn’t too long!)

So, click on over to the FB group and watch the live video (on replay) and make yourself some fun mugs!

Now that you have watched the fun video, let’s make some of these fantastically easy cookies, shall we?

I did NOT come up with this idea by myself, it was a fantastic pinterest find! (actually, we found a bunch of sites that copied the first one, but left some of the info out, so I went searching for the original, and luckily, I found it!)

Look at this beautiful photo . . . . this is all that you will need to make these cookies!

(Image from

And if you click here, you will find the recipe and instructions, and even a short video of her making them!

I am telling you, these are so easy to make, and they are sooooooooooo good! They puff up much more than you think they will! I don’t think there is a size of pan listed. I would stick close to an 8×8 sized pan!

You will add these to your go to treat list, I promise!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great day!

Let me know if you decide to make the treats (food or mugs) and share a photo! I would love to see!

See you next time!

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