Shop your Stash Saturday

Happy Weekend! I hope yours has started well!

We are starting another new weekly feature here on the blog, called Shop your Stash Saturdays! It’s going to be all about using what you have! While I love shopping for more crafty stuff as much as the next person, sometimes I really like (and should) use the stuff I have. I mean, I DID get it for a reason, right??

So, different weeks will focus on different parts!

So, first up, how do you store your scraps?

Do you have them in a drawer?

Do you have only a few left, and in a bag?

Do you have a LOT left, including 12×12 pieces, so you keep them all together?

Have you cut them into small, usable pieces?

As you can see, I seem to have almost all of the above!!

So, I need to figure out what I like best, and start sorting! I do like the container. Those are 4×6, and 3×4 pieces (mostly) with a small pile that is 2×6. This is one of the old medium containers that we used to sell. However you could do this in the new ones as well!

I had some sheets that were just one or two left in a paper packet, so I cut them down to 4×6. That means that they are large enough to use on a card, I can use them in spots on a layout, if I wanted, and I could use them for cricut cuts very easily!

So, that being said, I wanted to show you what I ended up making, with just a few scraps!

I used some white daisy cardstock to make the base, and even had some extra, hence the smaller one! I will have the dimensions below, but know that I was able to get the decorations for these and many more from just a few pieces of these 4×6 scraps!

I made sure to check my scrap embellishments too! We don’t want to neglect those either!

I really like what I ended up with here, and I hope that you do as well! They are super easy to make, and I’m positive that you have some scraps that you could use up, too!

Who would you make up some of these fun little treats for?

See you soon!

White Daisy Size:
2 1/2 x 6 3/4 scored at 4 1/4 & 4 3/4
small scrap for stitched circle

4 x 2 1/4
2 1/4 x 1 3/4

One thought on “Shop your Stash Saturday


    I love these treat holders & they use up scraps. What could be better than that?! Well, they are filled with chocolate so that is fab but OMG. They are so cute. Great job.


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