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If you’ve been around my blog or attended any of my classes or crops, you have probably heard me talk about the CTMH books. Now, I’m not talking about the Idea Books (those are FANTASTIC, but still) . . . I’m talking about the How To books. In the current “big book”, they are on page 110, or you can find them online, here.

Now, why are these books so great? Well, because they give you everything you need, at the tip of your fingers! You have artwork made with the sketch provided (sometimes exactly the same, and sometimes with something a bit different!), you have cutting guides, telling you how many and what styles of paper you need, and how to best cut them to save time and money.

Last week, I shared a layout with you that used a pattern from Cherish. I wanted to share another example with you. Now, this is from a PDF (that I will also share with you), so it doesn’t include the artwork that is in the book, but it is very helpful!

This image shows you the sketch, the sizes of each of the pieces, and how to cut them, like I mentioned above. You can download the PDF here.

There are books for just Layouts, books for just Cards, and books that include both! One of the things that I will do if I have a creative block, is flip through the books looking at the artwork. Maybe I have an idea of the paper I want to use, or even the purpose for the card. I can flip through the book and find something that I like, and be able to make it! (the card books have 2 totally different designs of each card, spread throughout the book. While you may not like the design in one paper, you may find that you really like it in a different paper!)

Next time you are at one of the crops or classes, feel free to flip through them! They are always there to use during the crops!

Until tomorrow, stay crafty my friend!

~ Michelle

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