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Welcome to the Wacky for Watercolor blog hop! While it’s storming outside, we are playing with water inside, too! Well, water-colors! haha! Yup, had to toss a ‘dad’ joke in there! Today you should have arrived from Jenifer’s blog. However, if you started here, no worries, it’s a big round circle!


Have you seen all of the watercolor options that CTMH has? You have the traditional Watercolor paints, of course. And with it you have the paint brush set, and the water brushes too! There are also the Water color pencils! I LOVE these things!! I have used them in the past, many times, like with the bunny cards, the cupcake card, this other cupcake card, this fabulous you card set, and this fun sweet life card. Anyway, as you can see, I love to use these watercolor pencils! They are simple to use, but you can get many different looks with them, including vibrant colors with darker shading, super light watercoloring colors, and everything in between!

Today I am sharing a set of 4 PML cards that I used the watercolor paints on. Each has a different style/type of effect on them, and they were fun to do with the little resist that is on each of the cards!


So, the first one is just a solid color onto the card. I had to go over it a few times to get a mostly solid color on the whole card, but that is what is great about the watercolors! You can determine how much color you want with how much paint you have to water.


Now, I know this pic makes it look pink, but that is just because of the lighting that I had to use to get the photo. It really is the orange color that you see in the first picture and the next one.


These cards have a clear embossing done on them in different designs and phrases. So when you color over them with the watercolor paints and pencils, the part that is embossed will resist the color and it will show as a bright white!

This next card uses the variant technique. You start with one color, and it fades into another color. Here you can see I did blues and greens with the wave embossing card, so it has a feel for ocean waters.


After your paint dries, you want to wipe off your embossed pieces to removed the paint from them.


This next one uses the ombre technique. This is much like the variant in that it fades, however, it is all the same color.


Because your brush won’t hold a TON of color, this card has a few layers on it, starting at the top where the color is the heaviest, and moving to the bottom, where the color is lightest, since the brush is running out of color/water as you are brushing it on the card.


This last one was the most fun. It is basically the “smooshing” technique mixed with a flicking technique. So, it has multiple steps. First, you need a slick surface, like the All Purpose Mat. Then you need to pick some colors. For this one I used purple, grey, and a smidge of yellow.


So, what you do is mix your colors with water, and put them in a spread out blob on your mat, then spritz them with water, and smoosh your card into it. I did this a couple of different times for each color, moving the card around a little bit each time, to help get a bit more coverage on the card. Since I didn’t have my heat gun with me, nor did I want to wait (I’m not big on patience), I took a paper towel and dried off some of the watercolor. (if you look close, you can probably see the texture from the paper towel!)


Since I thought that the card needed a few more bright spots, I took the same colors and added a bit more paint to them. Put them on one of the acrylic blocks, and then flicked my paint brush from the color to the paper. This gave me the circle splash like dots you see.

I like all of the cards, but I think the last one is my favorite! Which is YOUR favorite?? I would love to know!

Thanks for stopping by today! Next up on the hop is Janna! I’m sure that you will find LOTS of fun projects along this hop!

I hope you stay dry this weekend, and get lots of fun crafty time in!

Until next time!


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