Sports Bottles

Today we had a family Christmas gathering. While we didn’t exchange presents, I made a little something for all of the ‘kids’ of the family. I didn’t get photos of all of the bottles, but here are a few that I did get a picture of.


The bigger boys got larger water bottles. I used the Art Philosophy cartridge to cut out the letters for their names in vinyl.


The smaller boys got smaller water bottles.

These made for perfect little gifties, and didn’t cost a lot. From what I saw, they all enjoyed them! (maybe it was just the candy that was inside though. . . LOL!)

Until tomorrow, stay crafty, my friend!

~ Michelle

2 thoughts on “Sports Bottles

  1. Marilyn McLeod

    These are cute and a good idea. I think kids LOVE things with their names on them! They just love seeing their own name in print (and the candy helps too). Hope all is going well with you.


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