Puyallup Heirloom Stamp Show and the party dress


It’s been a whirlwind week! On Wednesday I agreed to be the vendor for CTMH at the Puyallup Heirloom Stamp Show, THIS weekend! Yup, that means that I had 2 days (and a smidge) to get ready!! I’ve been a busy lady, with some help from great friends!

Saturday, the show went great! Many fabulous ladies commented on my Party Dress Cards, so I thought I would make it easier to find for everyone!

So, welcome to all the fabulous ladies from the Heirloom Stamp Show, and the guys too!! I would love it if you subscribed to my blog!

Remember this card?

Or even this one?

They aren’t terribly hard to make, and I made a video tutorial for you, so you can make some too! Just hop on over to the post that has the info!

Party Dress Tutorial post

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Take a look around, maybe stay around for a bit.

Have a great evening (or whatever is left of your day after reading this! 🙂 )


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1 thought on “Puyallup Heirloom Stamp Show and the party dress”

  1. You are ONE busy lady! That event sounds like a neat one. I’ve always LOVED those dresses and have yet to make one.. so am going to watch your video again and just “do it”!! Thanks for sharing it.

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