Birthday Presents & so much more!

I know you have seen me post about the new base and bling necklaces that we have, and I am sharing them again.

This time, however, it wasn’t me that created this fun necklace!

My youngest, Audrey, made this entire necklace. I gave her instructions every step of the way, but she did it ALL!

She’s only 11! So, I know that if she can do this, YOU can too! It really wasn’t hard at all!!

She had a birthday party to go to, that was a last minute invite. So, having made some already, I knew that this would be a perfect present! Here are the steps that she went through, to make the necklace

1. Decide if she wanted a sticker from the craft sheet, or a paper from my stash (she chose paper)
2. Pick paper in the color that she wanted (this was an old CTMH paper that was blue stripes)
3. Pick which stamps to use (she went with the E for Emily, and used one of the many retired alphabets that I have)
4. Stamp in Black Archival Ink and allow time to dry
5. Color over the blue (not the black, we found that was too hard to see at the end) with a Spica glitter pen {I wish we carried these!!}
6. Trace around the E with the gold metallic marker (to help it stand out)
7. Use a square from the sticker sheet to cut out the E in the right size
8. Glue the paper to the base of the necklace with liquid glass. Allow time to dry
9. Add liquid glass to the top of the paper (making sure to NOT drag the tip of the bottle over the paper, as that makes the marker smear)
10. Put the glass cover in the necklace and hold for a few moments.
11. (this is the only step I helped with) Use a baby wipe or wet washcloth to wipe the excess liquid glass that comes out from between the glass and the base.
12. Pick which charm to use
13. String pendant and charm onto necklace.
14. Wear! (or in this case, package to give as a gift)

See, it really is THAT simple!! Even more simple if you use one of the stickers from the 4 different sticker sheets that we carry!

Here is the present all packaged and ready to be put into the tissue paper and into the bag. (which is the same bag that she had gotten at her last birthday, from this same friend!)

Adorable, right??

Here is the pendant that I shared on Facebook on Friday. I doodled on one of the stickers, then used the same spica pen for some glitter, and put it all together. Super fast and simple! (I did the whole thing before I had to go to work that morning, so I was done in less than 30 minutes!!)

Want to get a group of girlfriends together to put together some necklaces? Contact me, and we will get it all figured out!

Have a crafty weekend!!

~ Michelle

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