Picture My Life

One of the brand new products in the Spring/Summer Idea book, is a line called Picture My Life. It is made to make scrapbooking easier, faster, simpler! It’s also known as “pocket scrapbooking”, because there are pockets everywhere!

Each of the 8 different sets comes with 10 page protectors, 1 “Cover” page, 78 cards that are sized 3 x 4, and 44 cards that are sized 4 6. You get a LOT of cards in this kit!

The cover page is printed front and back, and has spots for photos. I didn’t add any photos yet to the cover page, but I am certain I will!

Now, if you haven’t tried to take photos of scrapbook pages, while in their pages, then you don’t know just how hard it is!

So, I have a straight shot photo (with lots of glare), and an angled photo, with the glare in a different spot! LOL

I’ve used the Surf’s Up kit for my pages so far, and I am using photos from my first annual retreat at the beach!

I think I might use this to do each retreat!

I had fun at the retreat, and fun putting these pictures into the pages! I need to get some more printed! I have cards picked out already for the next few pages, now I just have to decide! LOL

Let me know if you want to check out the cards and how the Picture My Life works, in person! I’ll gladly meet up with you and let you play with it!

Have a crafty weekend!

~ Michelle

One thought on “Picture My Life

  1. Marilyn McLeod

    I’m glad you posted this Michelle. It shows more perfectly how the cards and photos look in the pockets! The pix on CTMH just don’t show it very well, and the glare is OK as you can tell where the pockets are! I’m excited to get my first set!


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