Jewelry, Close to my Heart style

In the last book, Close to my Heart came out with a line called “Base & Bling”. This line contained a statement type necklace base, a ring, a headband, a cuff bracelet, and some clip on-able bases as well. With all of those bases, they had . . . bling! (bet you were going with cabbage, huh?) The bling has super strong adhesive already on it, but they also came out with some dots and strips of super strong adhesive.

With this new book, there are new necklaces, pendants in both square and circles, in both antiqued silver and antiqued gold. All of the pieces are separate, so you can build your own. There are 4 different sticker sheets to fill in your pendant, if you would like. (Or, you can create your own with papers and whatnots. To top it off, there are also charms that you can add to your necklace!

I used the Craft Queen Style Sheet to get this fun sticker. One of the things that I like best about this necklace, is that the chain is long enough for it to NOT be a choker on me! I’m not a small girl, and most “included” chains sit very high on me, and just plain don’t work well. These chains are long! {The pendant hangs down with the ‘girls’.} So it will be perfect for any crafter of any age or size!

After you put your sticker into your pendant, you then put a small layer of Liquid Glass on top of the sticker, and then add one of the glass covers on top. The liquid glass dries clear, so you can still see every detail of your sticker! I used the silver key from the Free Thinker Charm Set. These are the ones that are left from that one package.

Lots of fun ones, right??

Here you can see all of what is left after I made my necklace. Lots of fun stickers to use in my other pendants (or maybe even on some cards or scrapbooks!), 2 more bases and 2 more glass covers. Of course, I have plenty of Liquid Glass (not shown) left to attach them! This would make for a GREAT party for a teen! Instead of party favors, have each girl make her own necklace!

Now for the snowmageddon update!

We only got a light dusting overnight, so it really wasn’t measurable. However, it started snowing again about 9:30 this morning. This photo was taken (while stopped, as you can see) while on my way to take one of my girls some lunch (since she forgot to pack it). LOTS of snow still! You can see, when looking at the darker trucks, that it is snowing in that photo, and it has not stopped since! I will have another measurement update for you tomorrow!

I hope you are able to have lots of ‘play time’ this weekend to be crafty! Thinking you might need some time away soon? Come to my Beach Retreat in March! I still have spaces available!


All products used are CTMH:

Base & Bling: Chain, Square Pendant, Square Glass Cover, Craft Queen Sticker Sheet, Free Thinker Charm
Liquid Glass

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