Pokemon Birthday Present

Audrey was invited to a friend’s birthday party, and he LOVES Pokemon. (you should have seen his invite, it was pretty awesome!) So, we went off in search of some Pokemon to get for him.

There’s a new little shop near us, that is family owned, and they carry all sorts of game stuffs, mostly the card games, Pokemon, Magic, etc.. We weren’t sure which item might be good, so their boys came over and gave opinions on which pack would be best, and why they would be best. Audrey chose which one she would like to get, and we got a legendary pack as well.

We had talked about how we could package it before we got to looking, because I knew that they came in packs much like the baseball and football cards do. Well, what we got was in a box, so we could just wrap it, or we could do something fun. So, we went with the something fun.

I had seen a mini album much like this, and revamped it just a bit. Added a cardboard cover for it, and we had a hit!

Since it was a present from Audrey, I had her cut out the Pokemon from the box so that we could use it to decorate the front of the cover. Instead of making the ribbon be tied at the side, we went with a magnet, so that he wouldn’t have to tie and untie the book over and over again.

We used some retired Victory paper from CTMH, as well as some Brown and White Grograin ribbon (which will be retiring soon).

I didn’t get to see him open the present, but she said that he thought it was pretty cool! (Yaay!) Oh, and incase you were wondering, that little book held 60 individual cards and 2 packs of 10 cards, so you can get quite a bit in there!

I hope you have a great and crafty weekend!

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