July Edition of Inspired by Pinterest

Are you like me, and can spend hours surfing pinterest to find fabulous ideas of cards that you would love to make? (or pages, or recipes, or home decor, or . . or. . or . . )

I have so many pins! I even had to create more boards, so I could organize them a bit more! However, because I have so many card ideas, I have the perfect place to go when I am needing to make some cards! It makes it great for challenges too, like the one that Practical Scrappers is sharing! My friend Ian and I had a google hangout crafty date with a challenge a few weeks ago. We both chose a card for ourselves to do from our own Pinterest board, and then we went to the other’s Pinterest board and chose a card for them to do. It was soooo much fun!!

So, this is the card that I made . . .

It was inspired by THIS CARD on my Pinterest board, which Ian picked for me to make.

It was fun to do! I loved the color combo, and thought it worked perfectly with the Fabulous You stamp set.

And, of course, I had to do the inside as well. Not everyone has a metallic or white gel pen to write on black cardstock!

I hope you have a crafty day!


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