Retiring items

So, the new book will be live to all of my customers on February 1st! I can’t wait to show you! (which I will be doing soon!)

One of my fellow consultants went through and noted all of the items in the current book, that will not be in the new book, and so won’t be available to purchase as of February 1st! So, if you are wanting these, make sure to grab them by the 31st!

I will list the items per page, so watch the next few days to see all of them!

From page 124 in the current Idea Book:

Colonial White Ribbon collection – Z1126 – $7.95

Cranberry grosgrain ribbon – Z1103 – $6.95

Cocoa grosgrain ribbon – Z1100 – $6.95

Colonial White grosgrain ribbon – Z1102 – $6.95

White Daisy grosgrain ribbon – Z270 – $6.95

Wings Level 2 Assortment – Z1398 – $4.95

I know you will enjoy any and all of the products that you will purchase this month, and any month, from me! If you would like to put in one big order, with lots of different things, feel free to just email me, and I will get a final total for you.


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