So, Twistes sketches had a Design Team call, and I decided to enter this card!

Originally, I was going to use a cool hot glue technique that I found, however, when I heated up my glue gun, it’s broken! The glue is coming out from the wrong spot! LOL So, I had to do something different! I was then going to stamp ‘glue’ instead of ‘you’, and then cross out the glue and hand write you . . . but since the card is going to be going to my hubby, I didn’t think he would get it quite as much as another crafter would. . . LOL!!

Here are a couple more shots of the card!

This is the sketch that they wanted us to use! Oh, and being that it is Twisted Sketches, their twist was “Glue” (hence the twisted in their name!)

I know I had fun making this card, so hopefully you enjoy the card too!


3 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Nadia Cannizzo

    Hi there! Nadia here…just saying congrats on making it on the Twisted Sketches team and I look forward to working along side you for the the 6 months :o) Lovely to know you !


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