15 day Count Down: Day 1

Well, Tomorrow is my birthday! You did hear about my special that I am having, right? Where every $25 order gets something free? It is so much fun! I put the information in my newsletter! If you didn’t get it, make sure to check out my blog tomorrow, as I will make sure to put it up there too!! You want to make sure to place your order tomorrow!!

Today’s feature is going to be . . . . . Studio J!

As many of you know, I do my digital scrapbooking in Photoshop. But not everyone has or even wants to have let alone use, photoshop! CTMH has come out with a wonderful online way to create! You can even try it without creating a username and password (but you will want to when you get done using it!

To use Studio J, go here: Michelle’s Studio J Spot

Once you enter the site (by either creating a username, logging in, or just trying it without those things), you have the option to go to your projects, start a new, or purchase projects. If you are just trying it, you won’t have any projects stored yet, nor will you have anything to purchase. So, click on Create a new project, and name it. The names must be 3 or more letters, just FYI.

Next, you can upload photos, or even skip that part to see what you can do with papers and such, and make photo decisions later. Once uploaded, you will click continue in the bottom right corner of the page.

Next you will get to pick which kit you want to use. One of the great things about Studio J? Is the retired paper packs are still available to use with Studio J! So, if you started a page with Moondoggie, and you don’t have any more of that paper left, you can use Studio J to finish your scrapbook! When you are a Studio J member, you have papers that are available to ONLY members! (they aren’t even printed papers!)

Once you have chosen your kit, you can double click it, or click it once and then click continue. Then you will get to pick your layout design. Every design you find on Studio J, is in one of Jeannette’s books (that I mentioned earlier in the countdown). And like with the papers, there are layouts that are only available to members. Once you have your layout chosen, Studio J will give paper options to you (as to how you want the papers laid out on the pages). You will have some great options to choose from! Sometimes, though, they are not exactly what you want. Just pick what is closest, because you will be able to change the papers, here in a minute.

Now that you have the layout shown to you, with paper and cardstock shown, you can finish your layout. Change papers if you want, by selecting them, then on the left clicking papers, and choosing the paper that you want. Add ribbon and buttons and stickease too! The options are endless!

The great thing about Studio J is that you can save up multiple layouts, and then have them all printed at one time! Another bonus of membership is that you get free shipping on your layouts!

It is definitely something worth checking into! I know you will love it!


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