December Sales!

dec sale

Have you seen what CTMH is doing this December? When you spend $20 on a consultant’s website (before taxes & shipping), you will get a FREE D sized stamp set! You don’t get to pick which one you get, but you don’t pay any more shipping nor do you pay tax on the free stamp set!! How awesome is that???

This is a per transaction freebie, not a ‘per $20’ freebie. So, if in one transaction, you spend $50, you will only get one free stamp. However, if you want to split your transaction into 2 (say $25 and $25), then you would get 2 free stamp sets! This does mean that you would pay shipping 2 times though, so you might want to think about that!!

For everyone that places an order on my website, you will get a little freebie something from me too, in addition to this freebie from CTMH! So, do some more shopping for Christmas, or to build up your stash!! You know you want to!

To do your shopping, just click here to go to my store and if you want to make it a little easier (or I think so), you can shop through the idea book by clicking here (then put your item number into the store, in the first link)!

Do you want your hubby or other loved ones to do some shopping for you for Christmas for some CTMH stuff? Have them email me and I will get them hooked up!! (I have a wish list form available too, so you can fill that out and send it to me, so that I can make sure they get stuff you want! . . . not that you don’t want it all, or anything! 😉 )

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