It’s all Nichole’s fault

So, Nichole, over at Creatique Innovationz made a cute little swing/flip top card for the H2H challenge this week, and then went and decided to do a ustream video of it. I missed the card part, but got to chat with her for a bit afterwards. (and then watched the video of the card making part). She is so great! (and has a giveaway going on on her blog, so make sure to check it out!)

Anyway, I had to go and make one too. darn her anyway! So, I would have used Steve, but he went and ran away, so I used the Hooligans paper pack, and the stamp set that comes with the Hooligans Workshop on the go. (they are GREAT fun, and an awesome value too! If you want one, just click my shop link over there to the right!)

So, my flip card has a bookmark inside it. I don’t know who I will gift it to, just yet . . but it will go somewhere! 🙂

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