Let’s Make a Box!

Danielle and I are at it again! Today’s challenge is to make a box! We decided to go with the same tutorial, and see how it comes out! So, we are using this tutorial.

This creates a box that is 6 inches by 6 inches! (Well, on the outside!) The inside box is 4 inches square and 3 inches tall. You can fit quite a things into this not so little box! Now, there is one correction to the video that I found when I was making mine. The first measurement that she gives is that you need two sheets of card(stock) that are 6 x 3. However, that measurement should be 6 x 9.

This box does use 2 sheets of cardstock (before decorating), and 2 sheets of B & T paper. If you also do the inside of the box, you will use a bit more than that. I did choose to not cover the inside of the box. I used Celebrate Today and the Mix In paper packets for this fun box! Don’t you just love how well the paper packets go together?

If you use liquid glass instead of a tape runner, you will have a bit more of a sturdy box. I ran out of the bottle that I was using when I was putting the box together!

I decided to top the box with a fun title and some flowers. Then I added some greenery and flowers along the front inside right corner. I used colors from the paper packet, Raspberry, Lagoon, Nectarine, Evergreen, and Mink.

Here is the design space link for the flowers and title for this box! You will need to have these cartridges to cut for free, or you can purchase the individual files through your design space: Flower Market, You Are Here, and Art Philosophy.

This box is really easy to put together! I think you should try it!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Remember to check out Danielle’s box too, her’s is super cute! Let us know if you decide to make the box! We would love to see!

Until next time!

~ Michelle

{If you get my posts via email, my apologies for a double post!}

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