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Happy Monday! This week is a bit off for me, being that it is a short week. I am sure that others feel the same!! The bonus is, I got to craft more! Always a good thing, right?

Today I am sharing a card that is missing patterned cardstock. I wanted to remind everyone, that you don’t have to have patterned papers to make beautiful things! I used the Artistry Cartridge and bundled stamps for this card. I was greatly inspired by this card I found on Pinterest.

Today I used Pacifica, Pixie, and White Daisy cardstocks.

When I am ready to send it, I will create an inside liner, write my message, and then glue it in. (that way, if I mess up, I can just make a new liner, and not have to make a new card!)

The cricut explore cut this doily image just beautifully! And would you believe, the doily and the heart are both white daisy cardstock?

I knew when I was cutting the images, that I was going to color the heart with one of my Touch twin Shinhan markers. Now, the key to getting not blotchy color, is to completely saturate the cardstock. So, I cut a few, colored a few, a few different colors, and then decided at the end of the card making which I wanted. Well, this one was just a happy little accident! The side you see is actually the BACK side of the heart that I colored. When I went to put the thin foam tape on the back, I decided that I liked it MUCH better than the front! It is just so much softer looking, and I thought it complimented the card well.

Now, if you come to my crops, you know that you can use anything there, and I encourage it! Very few people have limited themselves to just one company’s products. Generally, when I show things on my blog, I try to use only CTMH products, however, this time, I just HAD to use this pen. It is a pen that I was introduced to at my friend Erin’s house. It is a glittery gelly roll pen, and it is fantastic! Today I used it in my cricut explore to draw these little hearts, to give the background just a little something. I think it worked quite nicely, don’t you?

So, that’s my card for today! I will have another next Monday! Join me tomorrow when I show you a little something to give away chocolate. (WHAT?!?!?! Give AWAY chocolate? . . . well, yeah, it helps our friends feel good too!) You will want to come back and see!

Before you go, though, have you seen this fantastic wreath?

It’s available in January, thanks to National Papercrafting month! Every January, we celebrate National Papercrafting Month as a way of acknowledging the pure joy of playing with paper! We scrapbook with it, we make cards with it, we decorate with it—in short, we craft with it! This January, we’ll be celebrating the joys of papercrafted home décor with the beautiful Welcome Home wreath kit. This kit comes with precut pieces you can simply pop out and attach to the sturdy chipboard wreath base, making a welcoming décor piece for your home. The wreath kit can be yours for just $18.95, or you can get it FREE with a qualifying $60 USD purchase. In addition, hostesses with qualifying Gathering totals and new Consultants who sign up in January can also receive a free Welcome Home wreath kit. Celebrate your love of papercrafting with the exclusive, easy-to-assemble Welcome Home wreath kit.

This kit comes with almost everything you need to put it together, including the gold stickers to spell welcome or your name, all you need to add is glue! All of the pieces are pre-cut (just like my workshops!) I know you will enjoy putting it together! Just remember, this fun wreath is ONLY available in January!

Until tomorrow, stay crafty, my friend!

~ Michelle

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