Year Noted & Mistakes

Just so you know, crafters make mistakes, just like everyone else!


I was working on my Year Noted kit, using Susan William’s cutting guide for cards, and I wasn’t paying attention, and cut my piece smaller than it should have been. The scraps that hadn’t been cut into weren’t big enough to just grab another piece, so I needed to figure out how to make it right.

So, I kept the two pieces together, and went about making the rest of the cards. When I got to this one (which, happened to be the last card of the group), I was able to come up with a solution.

As you see with the first photo above, I have already glued them together. When I put the sentiment piece on, you can still see the line.


When I got to my ‘fix’, I didn’t even have to change the card design! I was able to use the card design and embellishments to my favor! Here you can see the first step in embellishing, before it was attached to the card.


Now, if I didn’t tell you, you would NEVER know that I screwed up! But, it really does happen, and more times than not, it’s easily fixable!!

Here’s the final card!


This fun kit, Year Noted, is meant to be a little mini album to create a little time capsule. However, my upline, Susan Williams, has created this fun card kit from it. It makes 15 cards, and you only add some teal shimmer trim, and the Chalk it Up Assortment. It is a different stamp set than what comes with the kit, but it is SUCH a fun little set! You could use any stamp set, really.

If you place a qualifying order with me, and get the Year Noted Kit, I will send you the Cutting guides to make these cards, FREE! I know you will love them! I sure do!

Until Tomorrow!
Stay Crafty, my friend!

~ Michelle

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