15 day countdown: Day 15

So, I thought I would share some fun things from the idea book that are some of my favorite things! And since it’s my birthday this month (watch my newsletter for a special!), I thought that I would show you a ‘wish list’ of sorts. 🙂

So, each day I will be sharing something with you from the book that I like (or love!) and why I think you should order it!

So, first we have Card Chatter – Birthday

{click image to order on my website}

So, this is wonderful for any number of reasons. 1. Everyone you know has a birthday! 2. Everyone LOVES to get cards! 3. These don’t have to be used for just birthdays!!

Just looking at this set, I can think of a number of cards that you can make!! Use just the ‘celebrate’ stamp for a wedding, promotion, new house, new baby, new car, and any number of things to celebrate!!

Use the “hip hip hooray” for any celebration, just like the celebrate! Or just a just because card!

And, because these are clear acryllic stamps, you can cut them easily, and cleanly, and still be able to use them apart or together. So what about cutting between the lines on the ‘sending you birthday wishes’, use the sending you part, and add any other sentiment on there, stamped or hand written (on the inside). Sending you flowers, sending you hugs, sending warm thoughts, etc.

So, with just one stamp set, we have covered pretty much any and every occasion that you could possibly come up with, to send a card for!

How are those for reasons on why everyone should have this stamp set!?!?

Want to try it before you buy it? Let me know, and we can set up a workshop for you!


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