Jewelry lovin’

So, at Creative University, I met my “sista’ from another motha'”! We are so alike, it’s sometimes scary! But, she totally gets the things I am saying, when other people just look at me funny! LOL And, She totally turned me onto jewelry making. I had such a blast learning how to make charms and bracelets!!

Miss Erin taught us how to make charms, and arranged the charm swap. She also had a necklace making class available. And, while I could do a whole post about it, with photos, she already did one . . . so I am just going to point you in her direction! So, Check out Erin’s blog, Inky Smiles

And, just for a little teaser . . . here’s one of the photos!

Isn’t it gorgeous???

So, keep an eye out, because, soon, jewelry classes will be on the schedule!!

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