Carver School Bazaar!

Two days at Carver school! They were exhausting! The second day was much warmer than the first! (yaaay!) I love old buildings, but sometimes that means that you have to sacrifice some things, like heat and insulation! LOL

I had some great people stop by to see me (and Angelique on the 2nd day)! I will be drawing the winner of the stamp set within the next couple of days!

I have a couple of photos of how it was set up! I need to figure out some stand up displays so that I can showcase some things a bit more! So, I do have some things left, and will be listing those this week! If you need any last minute gifts for Christmas, let me know!

I will have a bunch of different clubs starting in January! Both scrapbook layout clubs, card clubs, and kids clubs too! They will be super fun, so you need to make sure to sign up to come to them!! (besides, I bring free chocolate!!)

Remember, there is the Plenty for 20 going on through the end of December! Order $20 of anything from the website, and you will be getting a free D sized stamp set . . . that is retired, so you wouldn’t be able to get it otherwise! AND! If that isn’t good enough, corporate is tossing a “Sticky Boy” into some of the boxes too!! (so, if you get one, and don’t really want him, let me know, I’ll give him a real good home!)

Now, for the photos!! Here are a few of the tables:


And here are my trees and my rudolphs!

I hope you had a good weekend! I am looking forward to having a crafty week! (and finishing my Christmas shopping . . . littles don’t much care for crafted things for Christmas! LOL)


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