Events & Facebook “likes”

I made a page for my CTMH on Facebook today! Come check it out! I’m having a contest, when I hit 25 “likes”, I will have a random drawing for a set of 5 cards with a cute purse to hold them in! It will be perfect to use as a little gift for a friend or teacher! So, come on, you know you want to ‘like’ me!!

I also added a bunch of events to that page, and they will be so fun! I’ve also included info on how to have a Mail Box party! Perfect for those friends that are too far away to come to my workshops, but really want to make the stuff we are making! Check out the facebook page for more information!

There will be a BINGO held the end of June, this will be so much fun! Bingo, free prizes, plus projects too! What could be better??

Come on over and take a look, you know you want to!

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